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2018-06-06 11:37:25 来源:启达教育网


二、 选择 (每小题1分,满分15分)

21. I think it's really______ easy work for me to finish the job in twenty minutes

A. a B. an C. the D./

22. When the dancers stopped _____ to us, we all couldn't stop______ excitedly.

A. waving; to shout B. to wave; shouting C. to wave; to shout D. to waving; shouting

23. —_______did your uncle leave his hometown? —He_____for nearly twenty years.

A. When; has left B. When; has been away C. How long; has left D. How long; has been away

24. Enough money must be given ________ our work.

A. to carry on with B. to go on C. to carry on D. to carry out with

25. —Is your father a teacher? —Well. he____ , but now he works in a company.

A. used to B. was used to C. used to be D. is used to be

26. —______ was it set up? —To help students and schools in poor areas.

A. When B. Where C. Why D. How

27. The purpose of the course is ____ students how to use English in their daily communication.

A. to teach B. teaching C. how to teach D. to teaching

28. Don't try to do everything at once. Take it a bit_______.

A. from time to time B. at that time C. all the time D. at a time

29. _____is necessary that you start training a few months before the walk.

A. This B. That C. What D. It

30. To them, the most important thing is ________ make much money_______ get together.

A. not to; but B. not; but C. not; but to D. not to; but to

31. Some people offer to help without _______ paid for events.

A. getting B. to get C. get D. to getting

32. —What do you think of tomorrow's football match? —______ difficult for us_______ the match

A. Were; to win B. Were; winning C. It's; to win D. It's; winning

33. By_____local doctors and nurses, we hope ______ more patients

A. train: help B. training; to help C. training; helping D train; helping

34. World WarⅡ_____ in 1939 and millions of people lost their lives ____ the war。

A. broke out: because of B. was broken out: because

C. broke down; during D. was broken down; in

35. When they got to the hill, they began to ________ their tents.

A. put on B. put out C. put up D. put down

36. —He __________his bike. —I _________ sorry to hear that.

A. fell off; fell B. felt off; felt C. fell off; felt D. felt off; fell

37. Teresa is ______ nervous _______ talk in front of the class.

A. such, that B. too; to C. so; that D. such; as

38. Wow! There are so many books. I really can’t decide _______..

A. where to buy B. which to buy C. what to buy D. how to buy

39. —Dad,I was the first to reach the top of the hill. —Good job, Mary. I’m _____ of you.

A. afraid B. proud C. tired D. careful

40. The sick man _______ to hospital by the policeman an hour ago.

A. is taken B. was taken C. takes D. took