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高中英语作文—他们还是个孩子 They Are Just Kids

2017-09-11 17:01:59 来源:启达教育网

In China, when children make mistakes, the parents will tell others that they are just kids and want others to forgive their children. It seems so reasonable for small kids to make mistake, because they are young and reckless. While for most parents in western countries, parents take different attitudes towards their kids when they make mistakes. The parents will not have violent act, instead, they will educate the kids and let them realize their bad behavior. I appreciate the foreign parents’ way, as they educate children in the first moment and won’t find excuse for their mistakes. Small age is not the reason to get away from responsibility. If the wrong acts are not corrected immediately, then it is possible for the kids to continue the mistake, someday become big mistakes.