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高中英语作文—良好的阅读习惯 The Good Reading Habit

2017-09-12 14:40:09 来源:启达教育网

My mother is a teacher, so she pays special attention to my education. Before I went to primary school, she bought me a lot of novel books. I remembered that when the hot movie Harry Porter came out, she bought me the novel the other day. I was so surprised and read these books quickly. Thanks to my mother, she cultivated my interest to read successfully. I keep reading books every day, even though I was busy with my homework, I would take out the books to read some chapters before I went to sleep. Reading these books helps me a lot. I am good at writing and it broadens my vision. I can give my own opinion and other students admire me. Now I start to read the classic novel. Reading makes me happy and find my world.