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高中英语作文—情人节的惊喜 The Surprise on Valentine’s Day

2017-09-14 16:05:00 来源:启达教育网

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, it is on February14. The day is a big day for the couple, they need to spend the special day with romance, the boys are always buying gifts to their girls, the most common thing is to buy flowers and have dinner, maybe they could do something more interesting. The boys can surprise their girlfriends, they can take the girls to the place where they get to know each other, wondering around for a while and remembering those beautiful days, just like they know for the first day, how romantic! This will give the love relationship something new, which can enhance their relationship. The girls can surprise their boys with some gifts they make by themselves. Girls are good at hand making, so they can make out some gifts instead of buying, because the boys will be moved by your heart. Valentine’s Day is romantic, are you ready?