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高中英语作文—烟草该禁止吗 Should Tabacco be Banned

2019-07-10 14:12:07 来源:启达教育网

We are educated that smoking is harmful to our health, but the fact is that still a lot of people smoke. The old generation has formed this bad habit in the last decades, when people hadn't realized the danger of tabacco. But today, the young people take smoking as a cool thing to gain charm or the social communication seduces them to do it. Smoking for a long time will do harm to lung and blood pressure. Many people died of lung cancer, though there is no direct evidence to show the link between cancer and tabacco. Some people advise to ban selling tabacco. I support this idea, because the second-hand smoke also brings great danger to the innocent people and the person who smokes don't care about it. The best way is to stop people from buying tabacco for everybody's health.